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Supporting happy life with steel power!
Corporate mission is merit and reason of the existence of an enterprise. It reveals the nature as well as the development direction, and describes the commitments which the enterprise makes to the society and human living conditions.Defining corporate mission, in fact, is a sublimation process which  turns the basic production unit of social products into citizenship with social responsibilities.
Benxi Steel Group Corporation devotes to support happy life with powerful corporate strength.“Iron&Steel power” is associated with dominated iron &steel industry,which shows primary business feature.Meanwhile,BX Steel spares no effort to develop the relative industries based on iron&steel industry and assumes the mission along with each industry to support a happy life.“Iron&Steel power”uses the“iron&steel ”to imply the whole enterprise quality and strength and continuously develops the enterprise.
The word "support" reveals the role of our enterprise which is like “the bones in the human body,the frame beam of high buildings ,the steel structure of tall buildings..."in human society.Although it is not in the surface, it plays a very important role.