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Innovation for Reform, Continuous Self-Improvement!
Innovation for reform is the highest summarization of the time spirit of the personnel of BX Steel Group, which  reveals the vitality and vigor of the group. BX Steel Group is aiming at entering into the World’s Top 500 and is regarding innovation as core motive to boost the rapid development of enterprise. Meanwhile,facing increasingly competitiveness  and complex market economy, personnel of BX Steel Group will reform actively and lead reform on the basis of adapting to the change, and will make efforts to be the pioneer in industry reform.
Continuous Self-Improvement is the important characteristic of Chinese national spirit as well as the concentrated expression of character of BX Steel Group which has a hundred-year history. Looking back on the past, BX Steel Group contributed itself to the growth of the P.R.C. with the high mortal of continuous self-improvement. Looking forward to the  future, personnel of BX Steel Group will still reach new targets and create miracle one by one with the spirit of continuous self-improvement.