BX Steel News
Chairman's Statements

Benxi Steel Group, as an enterprise which had meritorious service to the republic and with a long history of more than 110 years, has been working on providing the most valuable products and services for the society and the public as well as the lasting improvement of regional environment and people's happiness and benefits and keeping on indefatigable efforts to build a excellent world-class trusted and respected enterprise for many years.

By virtue of Bengang people’s dauntless and aggressive will quality, the equipments have reached the first-class level in the steel industry, the scale and brand value have been enhanced comprehensively as well through the continuous modernization and transformation in several decades. We have become the base supplying quality steel products with international competitive power and stepped into the new stage of scientific and steady development. While speeding up the innovation and development, we are undertaking the social responsibility positively, promoting the integration and development of regions and enterprises as well as the common growth and common progress of enterprises and employees, constantly interpreting the core values of "support a better life by steel strength" and "people oriented, people harmonious, pursue for perfection and pursue for greatness".

Facing the new normal of economic development,Benxi Steel pushes ahead the development strategy of " iron and steel as the main industry,multivariate synergy, global operation,be fine be strong"more actively. We also strengthen the core competitiveness of iron and steel main industry by aiming differentiation and high-quality. Meanwhile,multi industries such as trade logistics,financial investment,equipment manufacturing,industrial services,city services have blossomed.

"There is faith in the heart, there is strength at the foot". Facing the future, Benxi Steel will fulfill the national strategies including China's Northeast Revival,"One Belt, One Road","China made 2025"etc. actively in the process of industrial change and a new round of technological revolution with the courage and determination to overcome all the obstacles. It will also find out the bonding point and breakthrough of time to integrate into the global iron and steel industry chain, broaden the international developing path constantly,and fulfill the concept of green development.  Benxi Steel is supposed to take the responsibility to build a the road of success for sustainable development under a new normal state with a more inclusive and open attitude.